Peter goes to St Kilda

North Uist is the closest landfall to the St Kilda island group and weather permitting we are privileged to have wonderful views of these remote islands. But it is even better to actually go there. Our proximity to St Kilda makes North Uist a good starting point. We have visit St Kilda several times by rigid inflatable. The journey is exhilarating and the destination awe-inspiring. I particularly love the massive stacks around the island of Boreray. Sitting in a small boat under those towering stacks is an amazing experience.

Visitors to my studio often ask me whether I work from life or photographs. Well, both actually. I love painting outside ( 'en plein air' as they say) but given our windy climate this can often prove to be quite frustrating. Also when travelling out to St Kilda on a rib, I don't think my fellow passengers would be too chuffed if I cluttered the boat with all my painting equipment. So I take photographs, hundreds of them. But I never just copy a photo; they are only for ideas and to help me work up a composition. This makes my art personal and my own from start to finish.



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